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In order to bridge the gap between Academia and Industry for encouraging innovation and cross-fertilization in the field of dependability in the broad sense (including diagnosis, fault tolerance, prognostic, maintenance…) a special full day will be dedicated to this topic on Thursday, 3rd September

Download the industrial day presentation in English or in French.

A poster session is organized on Thursday, September 3, 2015 from 11am to 2pm.

The objective of the poster session is to present collaborative projects and research activities that involve industrial and academic partners. 

This full day is open to Industrials and Academics who are not registered to Safeprocess symposium and will give them the opportunity to present a poster in the poster session

The registration to this special industrial day is mandatory (see here). The fees are limited to 120€ including Thursday's Safeprocess session and poster session attendance, coffee-breaks, lunch.

List of the 51 presented posters

You will get your printed poster on Wednesday, Sep. 2, 2015 at the Safeprocess registration desk.

Aeronautics and aerospace systems

  • Automatic Allocation of Safety Integrity Levels to Components of a Software Product Line
  • Development of Advanced FDD and FTC Techniques with Applications to Unmanned Systems, Smart Grids and Manufacturing Processes
  • REconfiguration of CONtrol in Flight for Integral Global Upset REcovery : The EU FP7 RECONFIGURE Project
  • Structural Health Monitoring of A380 Aircraft Nacelles
  • Multivariate Processing of Accelerometric Condition Indicators
  • Tethered Buoyant Wind-Power Generator
  • Model-based Techniques for Virtual Sensing of Flight Parameters

Electrical, mechanical and mechatronic systems

  • A Platform for Prognostics and Health Management of Rotational Machinery
  • DISESOR: An integrated shell decision support system for systems of monitoring processes, equipment and hazards
  • HOME I/O
  • Development of an anti-sway system for bridge cranes
  • Battery prognostics
  • Multimodel-based Diagnosis
  • Reflectometry-Based Electrical Cable Soft Fault Diagnosis
  • Smart Identification and Detection of Radioactive Anomalies
  • Model based condition monitoring for wind turbines
  • TeleRescuer: System for virtual TELEportation of RESCUER for inspecting coal mine areas affected by catastrophic events
  • Electrical Interactions with Industrial Process Systems - Fault Monitoring and Diagnosis In Multi-Rate Systems

Transportation, traffic and automotive applications

  • Methodology and Tools for Model-based Guided Workshop and Remote Diagnostics
  • Functional Safety of Electrified Vehicle through Model-based Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Control
  • Engine misfire detection and quantitative detection performance analysis
  • ActiSurTT : design of driving assistances to improve the safety of all-terrains vehicles
  • Automatic generation of safe PLC programs
  • Dynamic Maintenance Scheduling and Design Methodology for Multi-Component Systems
  • Pressure Fault Recognition and Compensation with an Adaptive Feedforward Regulator in a Controlled Hybrid Actuator within Engine Applications
  • Air Energy: Renewable Energy from Road Turbulent Air
  • Autonomous mobile robots for monitoring, inspection and risk management
  • Fault Prognostics of Critical Components by Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks

Process engineering applications

  • Fault Condition Recognition Based on Multi-scale Texture Features and Embedding Prior Knowledge K-means for Antimony Flotation Process
  • Complex batch processes quality prediction using non-Gaussian dissimilarity measure based just-in-time learning model
  • Comparison of Different Optimization Methods with Support Vector Machine for Blast Furnace Multi-Fault Classification
  • Inspection step modelling for defect source tool identification using in-line defectivity control
  • Virtual Metrology in Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Predictive maintenance of internal mixer: LAMPE project
  • A fault detection index using PCA and Mahalanobis distance
  • Diffedge

Power systems, production systems and networked systems

  • Diagnosis-aided control for SOFC power systems (DIAMOND)
  • Estimation of Common Cause Failures probabilities in control systems by colored, hierarchical Petri nets
  • Accelerated Degradation Tests for Power Protection Systems
  • Diagnosis-aided control for SOFC power systems (DIAMOND)
  • Anomaly Detection in Semiconductor Manufacturing Luca
  • Prediction of the Wafer quality with respect to the equipments data


  • Section for Automation & Control, Aalborg University
  • Fault Detection with Principal Component Pursuit Method
  • Monitoring Emergency Department Patient Flow Using Improved PCA Anomaly Detection Strategy
  • Remaining Useful Life estimation for noisy degradation trends
  • Adaptive Fault Diagnosis Approach for Industrial Processes Based on Hidden Markov Model
  • Fault Detection and Diagnosis for a Class of Nonlinear Systems with Decentralized Event-triggered Transmissions
  • Application of LPV-FDI Techniques to Turbocharged Spark-Ignited Engines
  • On-the-fly Diagnosability Analysis of Labeled Petri Nets Using Minimal Explanations
  • Fast Adaptive Fault Estimation of Linear Systems


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