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The conference manuscript submission system imposes several requirements on the PDF files and the style of the manuscript that may cause the submitting author some inconvenience. Most of these requirements are based on IFAC's efforts to standardize conference manuscripts properties and layout. Additional requirements (e.g. page limits) are set by individual conference. Please see the section on Compliance for further information about why these requirements are necessary.


  • All fonts must be embedded in the file.
  • Fonts that require non-English language support are not allowed.
  • Two-column format in the IFAC style is required for final submissions and recommended for initial submissions.
  • For IFAC conferences, the paper size for final submission must be A4.
  • The document margins must satisfy the printer's requirements.
  • The number of pages and the file size must satisfy the conference requirements i.e up to 8 pages for Safeprocess2015.
  • The document should not have any password protection.

Style files: Please use IFAC templates and Style files for all paper submissions. If you are not able to create your own compliant PDF file, please see below.

This conference subscribes to PaperPlaza Compliant PDF Creation system. The service is still experimental and it is the author's responsibility to use the correct template or style files and visually check the output from this automated PDF conversion process. PaperPlaza is not liable for inaccuracies in the generated output.

Please be aware that Word 2003 or earlier sometimes have flawed equations (in particular large brackets). It often helps to save these files from Word 2007 or 2010 as docx files before conversion. If there still are flawed equations these should be redone with the Equations editor for Word 2007 or 2010.

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